Youth Talk for Valentine's Day

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Valentines Day. Love. Hearts. Teddy Bears. Chocolate, Chocolate and more Chocolate. Sickly images of couples shoving the beauty of their relationships down your throat when 364 days of the year they are shouting at one another.

Just look at some of the images on Google I found to illustrate this talk. Frankly, they were so nauseating that couldn’t use any of them and thought I’d just show you the whole red-ness of the screen.

What do we know of S. Valentine. Not much. Here is what the history channel suggested:

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Both what of the rest: what of the rampant commercialism, the pressure to buy chocolates, cards, flowers – is St Valentine’s day just another excuse to take your money off you?

What of love? Real Love? In this day and age when it’s all about things you can buy, things that you can touch, love is completely beyond all that. With all the miracles of modern science, all the genetics, the biology, the DNA, we can’t point to something concrete and say “This is Love”. And when the science runs out, we have to conclude that beyond the science, there lies God. Love is truely of the Nature of God: we can’t see it, but we can sense the effect it has on us and on others.

“God is love” the Scriptures say, “and those who live in love, live in God and God lives in them”

Real Love lasts, not transient “we went out for 5 minutes and now we’ve broken up” love, not Jordan and Pete “madly in love for an edition of Hello magazine”, but long lasting real love. Love demonstrated by an act of pure love.

This love. Poured out for us on a cross. Borne on a tree, for us.

The Gospel of John tells us that “God so loved the world – ” and notice that it is “the world”, not just “some people”, or “the great and the good”, but the whole world “that he gave his only Son, so that all who believe in him might have everlasting life.” (John 3:16).

This is real love, selfless, whole, honest, open and painful love. Not a chocolate box image, but real visceral love given for you and given for me. The Cross stands as the emblem of that love – the greatest love letter ever written, and it was written to you, to me, to the whole world that God loves so much.

How much love is that?

Blessing… etc.