Youth Evangelism Fund

Today, being September 1st is the deadline for submissions to the Diocese for the Youth Evangelism Fund – a pot of money for young people to tell young people about Jesus. The deadlines clearly weren’t set by anyone who had any idea of young people, coming at the end of the Summer Holidays and before they had come back to school – so much for youth focus!

So our young people had to work through their Summer break getting this ready, just so some central Church bureaucrat could have it on his desk on his return from Provence or Tuscany: thanks guys! Well, they did it and they have a submission that I am truely proud of them for:

“A Grand’s Worth of Popcorn”

is a method of using modern cinema as an evangelistic tool. It is probably best explained by one of Emma’s brilliant animations:

This video is our main submission, coupled with a couple of other bits of paper. If they like it – great. If they don’t – well, we will not have lost anything. I thought the animation was fun anyway!