Youth Evangelism Fund – Gulp!

You may recall that our Sunday’s Youth Group applied for a tranche of funding from the Youth Evangelism Fund. Emma produced this really cool animation which (apart from a single sheet of paper) was our entire application, presented on a DVD.

Well, I got a phone call from Ben our Yuut Adviser today and he tells me that we have been granted a whole two grand !!!!!!! That is both everything we asked for, without any need for further clarification, further work or shaping of the project, and is the highest award in the Diocese. Well done them!

That, therefore, makes the project more properly called “Two Grands-Worth of Popcorn” (big debate about the presence, absence and position of an apostrophe in this Two Grand’s-worth / Two Grands’-worth / Two Grands-worth / Two Grand-Worth’s!!!) which wasted at least an hour, until we eventually gave up.

Now our young people just have to make it happen next year.