Why are we here?

recently found on an old backup disk, and not seen for many years. Now in the wild.

They come for entertainment
or to meet up with their friends
a cup of tea, a little sing
but please
– not too much of that religion though –
it makes one uncomfort-able
And even in these hard, hard pews
the one thing we will not do
is be challenged
or led to the place we will. not. go.

One comes to the Church (our beautiful church!)
to escape the world
to be sheltered from the storm outside
to feel… reassured
by melodies well known
and passages repeated from Sunday School to dinner table
of ages past
from where we will. not. grow.

And yet the Gospel will not be silenced
will not be shut out
no matter how loudly you sing the psalm
The Gospel cannot be ignored,
especially if that priest keeps mentioning it.

We will mutter under our breath
and protest under cover of darkness
and threatened to take our envelopes,
our custom elsewhere
for this is how we like it
now and forever more.


January 2005