What uses for the Twitter API

As you might be aware, I am an extensive Twitter user: sending out daily meditations and prayers from the BlessedAltW acoount (search that out and follow it) and microblogging through the day as myself: frsimon

As a programmer however, I am keen to be able to access the Twitter API and code something useful with it.

In future I see an application that will send the Tweets out automatically from a database, but for that I suspect the typo3 environment will not be right for that.

However, in the meantime, I have produced a small typo3 plugin which send a tweet whenever a certain page is accessed. This means I can track by following that tweeted account access. Its alpha code and called spr_twitter and can be found in the TER. (If this means nothing to you, worry not, and a parish-related post will be along shortly, I promise you)

Next step after that will be to connect some system monitoring code around it and send tweets out whenever a service or server goes down.

Any other ideas or needs?