What does my Blackberry Curve 8320 need to make it better?

It’s a great phone, make no mistake, but in truth there are things that it needs to make it truely legendary, and I believe it’s all software and therefore achievable. I am currently using OS Version, so don’t try tell me that an upgrade for some/all of this is out there. It isn’t. I have looked.

So, listed in no particular order (but as I think of them)

  1. Better extended character support – no e umlaut (ë) is bad when you have a daughter called Zoë. Only one page of sym characters is poor when there are lots of non-english symbols required
  2. Full HTML and images in email. Just seeing the links is really bad
  3. A proper browser. No AJAX, substandard javascript, poor layout. The browser is the BB’s weakest point and for this smartphone to win it needs to have a better browser than the iPhone. Certain key applications such as WordPress and certain Typo3 plugins are based
  4. A mute button which moves the machine into silent or vibrate mode. At present to put your BB to vibrate in advance of a meeting is quite obvious and obtrusive. More subtlety is required.
  5. Text to Speech built in – so often I need my emails read to me – when I am driving for example. If this API could then be applied to my RSS blog reader then a lot of effective and safe remote working would be possible.
  6. Speech to Text – currently available from third parties. A separate but parallel facility.
  7. Better bluetooth; in particular OBEX file and object sharing. It seems odd that the best business communications tool is so bad at sending and receiving vcf business cards and address book details.
  8. A proper functional SSH client built in. This is so I can manage servers remotely from my BB. Imagine being able to restart servers and processes and troubleshoot from wherever you are.
  9. Flash Support. How a browser can exist on a major platform without support for Flash is just incredible. I want and need proper support for dynamic menus on webpages, I want to see plugin animations and most importantly, I want to be able to see YouTube videos!!! I have the bandwidth (especially when on WiFi) and the desire.
  10. Proper CSS implementation for hidden layers and the like. CSS popup layers are shown in the browser in full. Yeuch!
  11. The ability to at the touch of a button swap from UDMA (Voice calls over WiFi) to Mobile network. I may be tapped into a WiFi, but I don’t always want to clog the bandwidth of my network with my voice and conversely I sometimes like my phone calls to be better quality than conversing with Daleks

Can you do this, please RIM? Please? Pretty Please? What is needed on these phones is a little more attention to close detail and then one of the best phones on the market can be superlative. Oh, and keep the keyboard on some models, not all of us like touchscreen virtual keyboards. Thank you.

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