Washed Clean Homily – the secret of how it is done!

I showed you this, were you impressed? I was when young Daniel Henderson showed me all those years ago.


Now, to reveal all and to know that I will never be able to use this outside of School Assemblies ever again!

Two bowls of water – one clean water and one filled with water 100-200mls of FILM FIXER. You can buy it at a photographic supplies shop – Jessops still have a few bottles at the back for those who still develop proper film: £9 for a litre which will last ages.

One white linen handkerchief, chopticks or tongs to handle them

One small bottle of Iodine Tincture from the Chemists/Dugstore (79p from Rowlands Pharmacy)

1. Add Iodine to clean water

2. Cloth in ‘dirty water’ so it becomes stained.

3. Transfer Iodine cloth into fixer solution -> the iodine is neutralised by the fixer and it goes back to white

4. Transfer cloth now soaked in fixer solution into bowl with iodine water in it, so that iodine is neutralised and both bowls appear clean

5. Dispose of carefully as the chemicals are poisonous.

There! You can dress up sin and redemption how your theology paints it (you can tell, I don’t do penal substitution) and you can explain it according to your audiences (Infant and Junior School Collective Worship love this!). Over to you all now – make the most of it!