Walsingham Youth Pilgrimage 2010 – all the videos

It was such a good week – a brilliant functional, praying team, working well alongside Fr Paul Robinson and Fr Steven Gallagher. More parishes should come… You should bring young people.

Here are some of the video materials created for this the most important Catholic Evangelism event each year (and I reckon the most significant youth event, myself). The theme this year was the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary.

Team Introduction Video:


First Visit:


A revoiced (and therefore less patronising) version of the teaching video on the Rosary


Stations of the Cross by Clare Rabjohns: really powerful.


Wednesday: Mystery of the Wedding at Cana. Sadly a powercut in the Big Top meant that we lost the DVD footage of the Mass. This is the first reading:


You probably won’t spot the reference to Bob Dylan’s masterpiece original which was behind the thinking of the video. If you do, then you are as old (and as sad) as me.

Thursday was the Mystery of the Transfiguration


Intercessions using “You’ve got the Love” by Florence and the Machine


Friday was the Mystery of the Institution of the Eucharist: the Last Supper


Some dynamic Scripture for the Institution of the Mass


The highlights hastily cobbled together and shown on the last morning


Sutton’s much better (although more single-group focused highlights

I think they should do next year’s highlights…

It was a marvellous week – all the feedback has been really positive. To cap it all, the BOOK WAS PUBLISHED and I sold loads of copies! Now hope they will be on sale at Greenbelt. Signing books is a bit embarrassing, especially when it’s your friends, but hey…

I called into the Shrine Shop to see if they could be persuaded and to my joy I found the above!

Fr Phillip came back to me and said “I was hoping to have lots to criticise in it, but actually it’s annoyingly good“. I quite like the idea of it being annoyingly good, so I thank him and all the other really positive comments given to me about it.