VirginMedia Cable – Wow!

scrI didn’t get the chance to get a screen shot in the middle of the test, but these are the results:

Download: 19336k Upload, 720k at 9.30am; 17500k/720k at 8pm (peak demand time I would reckon)

(test done at Broadband Speed Checker –

It is stable. It is fast. I ran around last night putting BBC iplayer on 2,3,4 PCs simulataneously and saw little bandwidth gibber.

I have dynamic DNS configured successfully, so AgnusDei will function better than ever, and previews and downloads will be impressively fast at 700k+

UMA appears to be working over the cable, so I can use my Blackberry for phone calls for nothing over the broadband and it doesn’t break up into gibberish. Reading the review sites for Virgin is quite a disheartening experience: so many people with so many problems, but talking to the people of my parish on Virgin, and taking a leap of faith has proved to be worth it. Well d0ne them. Install was largely troublefree and the engineer was nice and helpful.

I am a pleased little geek this morning as I go off to say Mass…