Those Blesséd Lent Meditations in full

Date Text
24/02/2009 Introduction Blesséd->Thank you for subscribing to Blesséd’s text meditations over Lent. They start tomorrow
25/02/2009 Ash Weds Blesséd->Today the ash on your head is a reminder for you not others. Wear yr penitence inside & yr absolution on the outside. Micah 6:8

Blesséd->each day u can chk the website 4 more. Today is where the page is ddmmyy.html Check daily.

26/02/2009 Blesséd->Frantic race 4 school? Stuck in traffic? In this busyness God has time 4 you. Make time 4 him.
27/02/2009 Blesséd->Lent is not about what u give up, but about what u take up. Are u off chocolate 2 diet? Do God’s will instead.
28/02/2009 Blesséd->Ps 34:8 As you taste your coffee/tea/beer/juice today savour the sweet goodness of the Lord’s favour.
01/03/2009 Lent 1 Blesséd->Mark 1:12-15 Jesus was tempted but chose not to sin. You too are tempted. Resist the temptations of an easy life and seek to follow God’s path
02/03/2009 Blesséd-> As you walk down the road today, look into the eyes of those coming the other way. See the face of Christ in them and pray they see His face in yours.
03/03/2009 Blesséd-> Lent is not about what you give up, but about what you take up. Take up the stairs & give up the lift today.
04/03/2009 Blesséd->If you would send an SMS/text today, write it on a postcard and mail it. It’s a personal touch that can make a difference.
05/03/2009 Blesséd->Psalm 130:1-2 ‘From the depths I call to you, YHWH…’ Draw deep into this Psalm and look for the daybreak of hope.
06/03/2009 Blesséd->Is 42:6-7 What is captve in yr life? what cn’t u see? What keeps u prisner? God is yr advcate and will free u, if u rlly want it.
07/03/2009 Blesséd->Pray. Hope. Don’t Worry. (St. Pio of Pietrelcina)
08/03/2009 Lent 2 Blesséd->Mark 9:2-10 Xt is trnsfgrd &is rvld as he trly is.U r trnsfrmd by yr life in Xt. Be trnsfgrd &thru yr care of othrs, trnsfgre thm.
09/03/2009 Blesséd->Take a stone in your hand. Examine it all around. It has been shaped by time, tide, earth and wind. It is wonderfully made, as are you.
10/03/2009 Blesséd->Go outside this evening and watch the sunset. You are as assured of God’s love as we are assured of the next sunrise. Is 45:6
11/03/2009 Blesséd->Habakkuk 2:2-3 We try and outpace God; set our own agenda. In God’s good time it will happen. Be patient. Rest. Hope.
12/03/2009 Blesséd->Guilt is the most corrosive of human emotions. It seeks to undermine us, and get between us and God. Christ frees you from guilt.
13/03/2009 Blesséd->Light a candle. The flame reaches up to heaven, just like your prayer. The light shines in the darkness.
14/03/2009 Blesséd->Tip out the salt shaker into your hand. The many grains are as numerous as God’s blessings on you. Don’t count them, feel them.
15/03/2009 Lent 3 Blesséd->John 2:13-25. Sometimes it is right to get angry about what is not right in this world. Jesus did this in the temple. What fires you up to make a change in this world?
16/03/2009 Blesséd->Buy something fairly traded today, and give it to someone who looks like they might benefit from it. Share the love.
17/03/2009 Blesséd->There is more to Patrick than shamrocks and Guinness. He was a visionary and a missionary. Can you, will you follow that? Like Patrick, with God’s help you can.
18/03/2009 Blesséd->The best give you can give someone today is your smile. Christ has no hands but yours, no feet but yours and no smile but yours…
19/03/2009 Blesséd->Today the Church celebrates Joseph, husband of Blesséd Mary. A true Father’s day. Take time to thank those who have been a father to you, directly or in prayer; and the heavenly Father of us all.
20/03/2009 Blesséd->Trust Him when dark doubts assail you, Trust Him when your strength is small, Trust Him when to simply trust Him seems the hardest thing of all.
21/03/2009 Blesséd->If Christ washed the feet of his disciples, who will you let touch your feet? Does your self-doubt prevent you from letting him caress you?
22/03/2009 Lent 4

Mothering Sunday

Blesséd->John 3:14-21. Not to condemn the world but so that through him the world might be saved. In a small way, you can bring a small part of the world closer to God. Pray to be shown what that might be.
23/03/2009 Blesséd->Do nothing monday.Spend just 5 minutes in quiet. No radio.No Facebook No phone.Close your eyes.Nothing is more important than God.
24/03/2009 Blesséd->Holy God, Holy & Strong, Holy & Immortal, have mercy upon us.
25/03/2009 Annunciation Blesséd->Hl Mry,fl/grce,the Ld is wth u.Blsd r u amng wmn & blsd is frt/yr wmb, Js. Too much to say in 140 characters
26/03/2009 Children’s Pilg Blesséd->Call someone today whom you haven’t spoken with for some time. Hear their voice, make that connection. Reach out as Christ reaches out to you.
27/03/2009 Children’s Pilg Blesséd-> Today the Children gather at the Shrine OLW. They pray for you this Lent. Pray for them and their pilgrimage.
28/03/2009 Children’s Pilg Blesséd->Seek to be reconciled. Make your confession to God and make amends with your neighbour.
29/03/2009 Lent 5

Children’s Pilg

Blesséd->John 12:20-30 Someone like the Greeks seeking Jesus will come to you. Philip did not tell, but showed them. Is there someone you are called to show to Jesus. Less words, more action.
30/03/2009 Blesséd->Psalm 136. ‘Give thanks to the Lord…’ Exault the Lord, Sing his praise. Your heart leaps in worship towards God.
31/03/2009 Blesséd->Draw the curtains.Light a candle.Sit on opposite side of room.Jesus shines in your darkness.Light of the world.
01/04/2009 Blesséd->God loves you. No joke.
02/04/2009 Blesséd->In a quiet place, pause and listen to your breathing. You sound unique. You sound special. You are special.
03/04/2009 Blesséd-> “This is my body… this is my blood”. Jesus meant it. Bread & wine are transformed, just as you are transformed.
04/04/2009 Blesséd->Lazarus is raised from the dead as a foretaste our own resurrection. Now is not the time for tears, now is the time to live life.

Blesséd Palm Sunday worship tomorrow night. 730pm at St.Thomas, Elson. All Welcome.

05/04/2009 Palm Sunday Blesséd->Mark 14:1-15:47 The Passion. Imagine you are there in the crowd. What do you see, fear, think, sense? Think of the Stations of the Cross. Walk the Via Dolorosa

06/04/2009 Blesséd->The tmple revrbrtes with Christ’s teachng.If the pple cldn’t aclaim him,the stones wld cry out.Silnt praise is not enough:be vocal.
07/04/2009 Blesséd->The power of Christ is not the power of the state. The wisdom of God appears like folly to the unbelieving. The last great countercultural act is to follow Christ,
08/04/2009 Blesséd->Psalm 148. The disciples have no inkling of what is to come. They praise God with all their might. In the depths of despair, there is always something to spot the glory of God in.
09/04/2009 Maundy Thurs Blesséd->John 13:1-15 Jesus washes your feet. The job of the lowliest slave done by the King of All. Go and do likewise. Who can you serve today? Phil 2:5-11

Blesséd->Light a candle in the darkness and watch and wait in Gethsemene with Christ. Be still. Pray. Hope. Don’t worry.

10/04/2009 Good Friday Blesséd->1st Hour: Take off your shoes & walk on a path. Feel the cold and the sharpness of the stones. Sense the long path your Saviour took. Walk the way of sorrows. Isaiah 53:3-5

Blesséd->2nd Hour: Be silent now for as much of an hour as you can. Put your phone off and leave it be. The Lord hangs on rough wood. It is time for quiet prayer at the foot of the cross.

Blesséd->3rd Hour: John 19:30:’It is complete’ is not a cry of defeat, an admission of failure. It is what was written on an IOU. The debt is triumphantly paid off, the burden is lifted. The Cross is VICTORY and not defeat. Sin is conquered.

11/04/2009 Holy Sat

Watching & Waiting

Blesséd->We watch & wait for the dawn. When we are in the depths of despair, and are unsure of our next move, just like the disciples, we watch & wait. Hold on. Dawn is coming. Ephesians 6:18
12/04/2009 Easter Day

Surrexit Alleluia!

Blesséd->John 20:1-18 Surrexit Alleluia! Christ is risen! A new dawn has come! With Christ’s new life comes your new life. Now get out and make a difference!

Blesséd->Thank you for journeying with. Prayers & Blessings from Blesséd. Text your feedback.>ENDS

Anyone who has an unlimited phone tarrif can offer this sort of meditation, using a simple and cheap PC program such as QuickerSMS (there are others for other phones, but this one uses some special features of the Blackberry). Have a go. You know you can.