This week I mostly bin readin'….

The Rite Stuff: Ritual in Contemporary Christian Worship and Mission

by Pete Ward

For Catholics, ritual is nothing to be scared of, but I recognise that for many evangelicals, post-evangelicals and charismatics, ritual and liturgy is a strange land. This book calms them down and gently says “there, there, it’s all right”. Our lives are formed of rituals and we respond to God in ritualistic ways. Even within the most ‘free church’, they have rituals, it’s just that they don’t involve the sacraments

I welcome this book as I am a ritual-obsessed anglocatholic, I respond to God best in the symbolic and I think that we best evangelise in an emotive way: let the heart reach out to God and then let the mind follow. The middle-class intellectual approach of Alpha turns me off – I don’t want proof (not even proofs which Nicky Gumbel plagarised from John Stott) in lawyers terms, but I seek God in an emotive encounter, for God to move me. That is why symbol and sacrament are so closely tied to worship, why Blessed is primarily an emotional journey and why we seek to belong before we believe.

Now, who has borrowed by Copy of ‘Mass Culture’ – I’d like it back, please