The search for a new CMS after all these years… or why Typo3 has lost me

(apologies if this post makes no sense to you, but occasionally I need to talk tech. If you are looking for posts on theology, youth work or liturgy, don’t worry there will be one along in a minute)

Typo3 has been for the last 10 years a mainstay of my development work: a powerful and yet easy to configure tool for creating dynamic websites with a minimum of fuss. I started working on it for the Portsmouth Diocese website and developed much of the programming for that on my own sites, especially using the Templavoila templating engine which made it all graphical and a breeze.

I have been aware that the hardcore programmers have been tinkering in the background and making the system slimmer, more elegant and in the process much more complex, far less graphical and more of a programming framework rather than what I and I suspect most of us need: a powerful web tool. The result is this thing called FLUID templating, and it makes no sense. Not a bit.

The latest release of Typo3 6.0 is totally locked into the FLUID templates and the flow engine and I simply can’t make it work.

TYPO3 - The Enterprise Open Source CMS - TYPO3 - The Enterprise Open Source CMS


So I realise that I can no longer keep using the latest versions, and the implication is that my time with Typo3 is coming to an end, and a new CMS which does what I need must be found. Once I find one I will have to migrate all my sites over the the new CMS and start again. Pity: we had had such a good relationship, but when things are now so different, and so unintelligible, then a different solution must be found. Any suggestions?