The public is wrong…

what the public thinksWe seem to have such strange public perceptions: we love to stigmatise and alienate. I read this week ( that out of every £100 of Benefit, the public believes about £24 of it is obtained fraudulently whereas in reality the figure is about 70pence. Everytime I pass a newsstand I glimpse the front page of the Daily Express – a paper which is, and I find it hard to admit this – worse than the Daily Mail in its xenophobia, racism and utter disgust for anything that isn’t WHITE and ENGLISH. It makes me ashamed to be British really.

(do you see the formula above: Massive indignant headline and huge picture of a photogenic woman – bread and circuses all the way, and a little bit sexist as well I fear)

Christian values should be one of welcome, of acceptance, of caring for the stranger, the widow, the orphan, the refugee. We do not know whether those who come to our shores, or reside sheltering under our freedoms are Angels (Genesis 18:1-2). Treat them as you would wish to be treated: without grudging, but with welcome and love. Oh, and stop buying the Daily Express – it really doesn’t represent what this country is about; and Richard Desmond should learn that.