The Mother of All Funk Chords

The Greenbelt lineup is taking shape, and I am pleased as anything to know that Rob Bell will be speaking. How cool is that?

I was led to a site by mashup artist Kutiman and his fabulous work with YouTube videos. How cool is that?


Nathan from Greenbelt has kindly contacted me to say that their system tends to log any former blurbs over new ones (very conservative, very ChurchofEngland 🙂 ) and he updated our entry to the newer, simpler Blesséd blurb which can be found here. I am really grateful to him for this and look forward to making our contribution in the New Forms Venue (11pm, Saturday Night) and sometime in the Youth Programme. Both will be Mass, both will be typically Blesséd, that I promise you.

I was saddened however to see that last year’s blurb about blesséd was up – was this year’s too subversive?

This is what I wanted to say:


Blesséd, based on the South Coast of England, has been exploring the missional possibilities of the sacramental life since 2002. Notorious for its wildly inclusive, rabidly AngloCatholic perspective, Blesséd continues to be an itch in an unpopular place in the Church of England: upsetting and offending some, challenging many and venturing into new territory whilst calling the Church back to its core being – an encounter with God through Eucharist, Oil, Penitence and Grace which transcends denominational labels, static liturgy and utilises all of God’s creation in a multimedia engagement with the Divine.

No picture either 🙁 Wonder if they have lost it.