The hardcore are settling in…

For the second or third time, my YouTube videos have had comments which can basically be summarised as:

“You’re an Anglican, your orders are invalid, and so you can’t have a real presence/the mass/be referred to as Father”

It would appear that a new anti-ecumenist position is takingt over Rome, undoing any good that has happened since Vatican II, and reaffirming the 1896 Papal Bull that ignored the Church of England’s very real and very valid claim to proper Apostolic Succession. The return of SSPX and now Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor’s demotion at Synod today of the CofE as an “ecclesial community” rather than a part of the ‘proper’ (ie Roman) body of Christ shows that Benedict is leading a backlash, looking forward to lots of new ‘plastic catholics’ as one Roman Cemetery manager once described the formerly Anglican and we are back to the 19th Century.

I just deleted the comments, simply because they are just rude; it’s a terrible ‘Christian’ vice to condemn others in that way, and most presumptious of other Churches to denigrate my orders, which are held to be valid by other, older Churches (like the Orthodox). I believe in the Real Presence. I believe in God working through me for the people of God and some over-fervent Roman is not going to distract me from the work of God and the proclamation of the Good News in this place.

Most of the Romans I know would not dream of this ecclesial fascism, so from where is this rise of Church-Nazism coming? Oh yes, the Curia, and their “ecclesial communities”.