The 40-day slog begins… now!


Each year this appears on my bookshelf and refuses to go away until all the red entries have been crossed out. Yes, my friends, Lent, Holy Week and Easter is upon us, and I start my Lenten Journey by reminding myself just how much stuff there is to do, and most principally how much needs to be prepared in the run up to the most holy week of the year.

Lou has once again criticised me for “doing too much” – a Blesséd on Palm Sunday Evening, a scattering of ashes in Stokes Bay, the Multimedia Stations of the Cross for 3 days in Holy Week, and Easter Vigil at dawn on Easter Day, as well as the usual Mass of the Lord’s Supper, Watch of the Blessed Sacrament, 3 hour Good Friday Liturgy and Traditional Stations of the Cross; but this week is about putting the boat out, making an effort, making a difference. Maybe if I took it a little easier, I wouldn’t collapse at the end, but this work is a key part of my spiritual discipline, and an all-out Holy Week is what I feel I am called to do.

What makes it worthwhile is if just one person draws closer to the heart of God through this. As that person will at least be me, then it is all worth it.