Telling the ancient story with mystery and wonder…

It isn’t about fairy stories, goodness me there are plenty of those around, but it is about exploring the mystery and the detail. To pour over the familiar tale and still inspire awe and wonder.

This afternoon I get to tell the whole thing to Year Six, and this year I will do it with masses of art: nearly 70 classical illustrations of the annunciation and nativity up to holy innocents. We will then go onto a P4C (Philosophy for Children) session and ask them to think about Mary’s reaction to the Angel. P4C is a really exciting development in teaching and always elucidates some real insight and thinking.

[slideshare id=2713176&doc=themostoutrageousstoryevertold-091214031118-phpapp02

I think there is a link to download this slideshow should you want it. I bet my in-slide notes don’t get shown, which is unfortunate because that gives life to the script, told in my own inimitable (thankfully) way as a participant observer of the events.

I am then going to rework the annunciation bit into a whole school assembly, which you can download directly below:

Junior Assembly – the Annunciation

I am going to teach them the Calypso Lord’s Prayer today. Joy. I love my job.