Teething Problems – Blesséd Lenten Meditations

I thought I would do a test message out to the subscribers of the Blesséd Lenten Journey Meditation today, and within the space of  10 minutes, I made 2 cock-ups and a major discovery.


a) I have to send the messages out as ASCII text, because for some reason it chose a different (presumably chinese) character set and sent out 2 messages instead of one – double the cost! I managed to stop it but not before about half the subscribers got a split message. Changed to ASCII and it works. Ought to send a test message to myself just to check first.

b) Even with ASCII character sets, it misinterpreted the ‘ apostrophe character and just put a question mark in – hence Blesséd?s. Grrr. Ought to send a test message to myself just to check first. (deja vu?)

c) It took about 15 minutes to do, so I might have to time it carefully if I am in a rush and need my phone. It is time-consuming, but I pray that it will be useful.

I have had feedback (thanks, Sarah) that at least the message got out there, so full steam ahead for tomorrow.

Each day visitors can come to the Blesséd website and see additional material (some of which simply can’t fit into 140 characters), images etc. The format of the page is http://www.blessed.org.uk/res/ddmmyy.html so Ash Wednesday is http://www.blessed.org.uk/res/250209.html and so on.