Teaching Mass

Last night, in our Confirmation Classes for the Sunday’s Youth Club we spoke of the Mass. It would be so easy to simply sit in the warm in the vicarage and talk about it, or we could gather in Church and actually do it, exploring the history and progression of the mass.


So, our Sundays group of 7 teenagers gathered to explore the sacrament.

We spoke of the practical shape of the mass, of some of the different understandings behind it, and for us the crucial ideas of the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist. We explored the purpose of the word of God and the revelation of Scripture, of the sacrament and its mystery, and it was wonderful.

It was a beautiful event and at the end they were raving about the experience. It also might have been that we went down the road (in apalling weather) for Kebabs and Chips, returning to eat them in Church with a big pot of Hot Chocolate.

As we drove home, Emma said “that was good, we should do that on a regular basis” and I understood that God had broken through and made a difference. He is good. All the time.