Talk Talk phone number

Talk Talk’s website is so appalling that they don’t give out their phone number on the website, but ask you to complete a mass of details including your account details, full address, bank details and inside leg measurement. They probably want a blood sample as well.

For those of you who, like me couldn’t find a phone number on their site to contact them, here it is:

+44 (0)870 444 1820

As a phone company you’d think they would at least have their phone number displayed on the contact page of their website wouldn’t you?

The reason I needed to dance with the devil is that I got a phone message from “James from the Information Team” (who? what company? Was that my Information team in the parish?) asking me to call 08712409000, which sounds like a premium rate number.

ICTIS don’t deal with 087x numbers,  and said “contact your phone provider”. Rather than leave it alone, I thought I would. How much am I regretting this now, but I have to see it through.


Talk Talk won’t answer the phone, so I’m off to Offcom (08454563000) to complain.