Squatters at the Middlesex Hospital

I trained as a Registered General Nurse at the Middlesex. I met my wife on Bond Street Ward (Orthopaedics), at least that’s the story I tell to avoid lurid tales of drunken Nurse’s Home Parties, but we were actually going out with each other when this trouble-making RCN Steward Student arrived on Bond Street. Once a wonderful hospital smack bang in central London now just a hole in the ground 🙁

The Rhumatology Department was on the next corner, and this building occupied seems to be there, in Arthur Stanley House, although in other shots I wonder if it wasn’t the block which housed Hardy Roberts, the Children’s ward on the top. Which ever it was, this video brings back warm memories of working at the Middlesex (Holmes Sellors Cardiothoracic Surgery and ITU) and all those wonderfully named wards I worked on as a student.