Slavery Video

Lots happening on the 200th anniversary of the start of the abolition of slavery (remember, it took 50 years actually finish it and nearly a hundred to end it in the USA – and slavery still exists today, despite its illegality).

To that end, I have been asked to produce a video for the 24th March event in London, and this video will, I pray, be shown to the crowd before or at the end of their march.

The video can be downloaded from in a variety of sizes and formats. The final version may be slightly different, but this is a working start.

The music is “Living in the Light” by Caron Wheeler (the voice of SoulIISoul’s seminal ‘Back to Life’), remixed by Dave Morales and edited by me. The video features short clips from “Roots” the TV Series which featured a  very young LeVar Burton, later to become Geordi LaForge in StarTrek TNG (What a geek, I am, deriving pleasure from such trivialities!), video from and lots of public domain images. It is released under creative commons license: use freely with attributions.

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