She manages it again! Bus Slogans for Proper Anglo Catholics…

Much funnier than mine (and far less offensive to Richard Dawkins):


At least we have something to hold onto.

Others which has made me laugh:


If you want a go yourself, visit The Atheist Bus Slogan Generator. Interestingly, looking at the links to this site, they appear to be either rampant Atheists trying to go one better than Richard Dawkins, or believers using it to subvert the form. As usual, everyone in the agnostic middle just shrugs their shoulders and walks on by.

It therefore makes me wonder what the point of this advertising (or indeed, the sickly advertising for the Alpha Course which clearly sparked it all off) is – it solely preaches to the converted. The Godless shout “Yes” and the Faithful cry “Foul” and vice-versa. No-one else gives a stuff about the slogans. If we are serious about the process of engagement, then slogans aren’t going to work, and we must come alongside and share the experience of faith as opposed to the practice of faith. Faith is not about abiding by a long list of rules (usually thought of as ‘don’ts’) but about being transformed by contact with the sacred, freed from mundanity and released from our spiritual burdens by the God of transformation. There are no slogans than can encapsulate the beauty or the complexity of that, and no simple discipleship course, no advert, no single tract, no edition of bible or single (brilliant) homily will suffice. No list of simple things to obey or a single prayer said in your heart. Believe that such easy short-cuts are possible and you descend to the worst of Pharisaism. No – Worship. Prayer. Sacrament. Transcendence. This is the Opus Dei which I daily try to equip the people of Elson with. It’s not easy, and it can be quite disheartening, but it is the true mark of faith.