Setting Children on Fire (for the Lord) – Christingle 2008


95 Young People and 127 Adults!!!!!!!

You can’t actually fit many more than 220 in this Church. In fact, no they didn’t fit… everywhere I turned there were people, sitting on the steps, all over the place. It was chaotic, it was fun. It had silly humour and it had poignant reflection on the mystery of the Incarnation. I can imagine some disapproving, but it is possible to have fun with small children and not dumb down the transformational impact of the Christ Child.

Deo Gratias! For the opportunity to proclaim the Gospel to a packed church, for the fruits of long and hard children’s and schools ministry, for the hard work and input of a whole host of congregation members, and for the all transforming, all consuming love of the God who steps into our world to make a difference.