Sending Texts from your Tablet – DinamoTxt

This Android App is the main reason why I now have a smaller, cheaper smartphone (Sony Xperia U) linked to my (now) usual interface with the world: a Google Nexus 7 Tablet. As I’m getting older, I like having more space and size and typing on a smartphone, even the huge sized Galaxy SIII for example isn’t that easy for me, so the advantage of keeping my phone in the pocket and using my Tablet is really attractive.

DinamoTxt is coming along in leaps and bounds from when I first started to use it: now it links via Google+ and has a web interface as well as a Tablet interface. It now runs on all kinds of Android devices (like my JoyTab) besides the Nexus 7 it was originally only for and, well, it works. You can connect by Bluetooth, WiFi, and over Mobile Internet  (which as I have my Phone on as a hotspot almost continuously and it’s how my WiFi only tablet connects to the world) and if you ignore the cutesy animations, it is a really efficient little app. I paid 99cents to remove the ads, but that’s nothing really.


Dinamotxt Web and Tablet SMS - Android Apps on Google Play


Things I’d like to see:

  • The ability to send a group text: this would revolutionise the way I generate the Blessed Lent texts and prayers. I would be prepared to pay a bit more than 99 cents for this option, but I recognise that it might be open to misuse. Then again, so many other Text apps let you do a message to a whole Google Group (like the excellent Pansi SMS. for example) with no real outbreak of abuse. At the moment I have to cut and paste a text within my phone and it’s fiddly. To be able to do this from within the Tablet or even better a Web App would be fabulous.
  • A monitor widget on the phone so I knew DinamoTxt was running and what it’s current connection status was

However, I highly recommend this largely free app to you.