Scriptural Basis of the Anglican Covenant

The forced-through proposed Anglican Covenant should be based upon Scripture. No question about that. Maybe then it should be based upon these:

Matthew 7:1 suggests no-one can presume to sit in judgement on anyone else

Hebrews 8:13 and Romans 7:6 require that there should be no dependence whatsoever on Old Testament Law

Matthew 22:37-39 requires that compassion should be at its heart

…at which point the need for the Covenant becomes superfluous, and it should be withdrawn.

These three Scriptural Tests should be considered whenever one of our brothers or sisters seeks to condemn one part of the church by another: suddenly issues like women priests, bishops, sexuality and the rest pail into insignificance with the power and inclusiveness of the Gospel. It is, after all, all about the Gospel. Some might want to call me a liberal or a revisionist, but c’mon, read the Gospels!