Screensaver as Desktop – a wonderfully geeky waste of processor cycles!

I need film of the 3dmaze screen saver that was in (I think, Windows 95).

Someone very kindly has posted it, and as there is somewhere a disk on w95 lying around somewhere, I don’t feel bad about sharing it with you. You can download it from here.


At present, I havn’t been able to get it to run as a Windows Vista screensaver, but I am working on that bit of nostalga, but even as a screen saver it would be hard to screen capture.

Imagine my delight therefore to find this snippet:

This hidden setting works in all versions and editions of Windows Vista. All that needs to be done is to execute a single command to execute the screensaver as the Vista wallpaper. The best method is to test run the feature with the default screensavers that are shipped with Windows Vista and use custom ones after making sure that everything is still working properly.

Open a command prompt by pressing Windows R and typing in cmd. Now execute the command (for example)

 Mystify.scr /p65552


It can take a few seconds before the changes become apparent. What you should see is the screensaver as the new wallpaper in Windows Vista.

It takes quite a bit of processing power, so I don’t think I’d want it running all the time, but as the desktop it makes it easy to capture in CamStudio (my preferred screencap program). You kill the process by opening up task manager (right click on the menubar at the bottom and select it) and killing the process: a bit messy, but this is obviously an easter egg that was just there to delight and amuse Geeks like me.