S. Thomas the Apostle Elson Nativity Presentation 2011 "What’s it all about?"

This Nativity was written by Lou Rundell & Andie Roberts and performed for the first time at the Parish Mass at S. Thomas the Apostle Elson, Gosport on 18th Dec 2011. If you would like to use it in your own Church or School, then they would be delighted for you to do so, asking only for a little attribution somewhere and your prayers for our ministry. Obviously, change the names and youth group to suit your own needs

 Creative Commons License
S. Thomas the Apostle Elson Nativity Presentation 2011 “What’s it all about?” by Lou Rundell & Andie Roberts is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

The Youth leaders enter the Church

Steven: Can’t believe Friday has come round so soon, at least it’s the last youth club of term!

Andie: Do we have to let them in? It’s so peaceful at the moment!

Lou: Oh no! It’s 7 O’ clock, I suppose we’ll have to open up. Go on Steven, open the door.

Door opens and children rush to front and take their positions, lounging on beanbags, some obviously playing on video games

Group 1:

Jack: Thank goodness they let us in – it’s freezing out there

Harry: Yes, mum sent me out early to get me out of the way ‘cause she’s got so much to do.

Peter: End of term at last, I thought the holiday would never come!

Samantha: Yay! Thank goodness it has, I just can’t wait!

Song – [a secular Christmas song of your choice

Carra: Is the tuck shop open yet – I’m starving

Victoria: I really want some chocolate, mum bought loads yesterday. The cupboards are bulging with sweets and food but we’re not allowed to eat anything ‘until Christmas’!

Group 2:

Zoe: Honestly, have you heard that lot? You’d think Christmas was no more than sweets and Turkey and time off school.

Erin: That’s what the shop keepers would like us all to think, so my Dad says.

Jessica: Do you think they even know why we have a holiday, presents and twinkly lights?

Zoe: Doesn’t sound like it does it? Perhaps we should invite them to come to our nativity in Church on Sunday.

Erin: Are you kidding? They’ll laugh at us all!

Jessica: Maybe – it is the season to be jolly after all! But in Sunday School we were told we shouldn’t keep the wonderful news about Jesus to ourselves.

Zoe: And if they’ve come to Friday’s they might be interested in knowing more…

Erin: I don’t think it’s fair not to tell them – everyone should know the true meaning of Christmas don’t you think?

Group 1:

India: (Jumping up and down and pointing towards star) Woooooaah! Just look at that! It’s REALLY bright!

Song – (Small children) Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

As song is sung both groups join together, staring at huge, bright star.

Jack: That’s amazing; it’s just like the first Christmas!

Harry: It’s like every Christmas, we’ve got a huge one on top of our tree.

Victoria: We’ve got a fairy on ours. There’s not a fairy out there as well is there?

Peter: You don’t put a fairy on a Christmas tree – silly, it’s probably an angel. Don’t you know the story of Christmas?

Victoria:  ‘course I do! Mum puts it on the telly every year and has a good try – ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’!!

Jessica: (Turns to friend from group 2) I can’t believe that they know so little about the real reason for Christmas, we’re going to have to do something about it.

India: What I get really fed up with is having to share all my things with my cousins when they visit. I really want to just say NO! (Mary)

Zoe: Christmas isn’t about saying no. The reason we have Christmas at all is because Mary said YES when the angel told her she would give birth to God’s son, Jesus.

Song – The Virgin Mary Had A Baby Boy

Erin: I think Mary was really brave. We were told that she was only a few years older than us. I’m nowhere near ready to have a baby yet – especially one that important! God must’ve known she was a very special girl.

Harry: I get really fed up with having to travel around for miles visiting relatives I only see once a year. I’d much rather stay at home with my own friends. (Joseph)

Jessica: Mary and Joseph travelled many more miles because their relatives came from a different place. They had to go all the way from Nazareth to Bethlehem – and there weren’t ait conditioned cars in those days. Mary was due to have the baby at any time but she still had to go with Joseph to pay money to strangers.

Song – Little donkey

Jack: I get fed up of having to share my room with all my cousins. I always end up on a blow up bed and it’s not very comfortable. (Inn Keeper)

Zoe: No such luxury for Mary and Joseph. They had to put up with a hard stable floor because all the inns were full. Mary even gave birth to Jesus in the stable amongst the animals!

Song – They put the full signs out, the vacant signs in.

Victoria: I get fed up writing all these Christmas cards with messages about what I’ve been up to this year. I’m sure – ‘Happy Christmas, love Victoria’ would do! (Angel)

Erin: But messages are so important to the Christmas story. Without the message from the angel Gabriel, Mary’s journey would never have begun.

Jessica: And the shepherds only found out about the amazing birth because the angels came to them on the hillside and told them to go to Bethlehem.

Song – Angels from the Realms of Glory

Shepherd: I get fed up because my mum makes a huge long list of everything she has to do on Christmas day and then wastes the morning ‘popping to the neighbours’ to wish them Happy Christmas. It means the jobs don’t get done and our dinner is always really late! (Shepherd)

Zoe: On the first Christmas day, the shepherds left their flocks and all their jobs because they knew visiting Mary and her new baby was the most important thing for them to do.

Song – While Shepherds watched

Peter: I think it’s worth all the annoying things because of the great presents we all get.

Carra: It can be so hard to choose the best gift for people we love.

Peter: The wise men brought Jesus 3 gifts. The Gold was very precious and showed that he was a king. Frankincense smells nice and showed that Jesus was God. Myrrh was an odd present as it showed that he would die for us. All these gifts were very special! (Kings)

Song – We three kings.

Erin: The wise men came from miles away. I wonder how they knew how to find Jesus.

Carra: (points towards the window again) Wow, look at that star now. It seems to be shining over St. Thomas’ church. Maybe we should go to the Nativity on Sunday. We might find out about the true meaning of Christmas. (Star)

Star is carried to the back of the tableau where it shines over everybody as Twinkle Twinkle is sung again.

Fr. Simon: Right, time to out the table tennis away. Close the tick shop. All sit on the bean bags please. Tonight I have the most amazing story to share with you… (turns towards tableau)

Song – Away in a manger

Fr. Simon: Well it seems I don’t have to tell you any stories tonight. You’ve shared the true meaning of Christmas without me having to do anything! The ‘God-slot’ is over. Open the tuck shop, I really want an ice pole!

Song – Come and Join the Celebration

Children leave during final verse. Mass continues.


This play went down really well, and it was performed excellently. I really think others would benefit from it as well so we make it available to you for free under the Creative Commons licence.