Rosary Teaching

I’m doing some teaching on Prayer in the Junior School (years 3/4 – 7 & 8 year olds), and so the kids and I made this video to back up what I am teaching: this week on the Rosary (Do you know any Catholics, we need teaching on the Rosary – I use it all the time, let me do it, let me! let me!) It is a State School so I have to play the Curriculum game straight down the middle, but encouraged by Christians on the staff, and known by the whole school as both a Governor and a purveyor of quality multimedia assemblies, this might be useful elsewhere.

YouTube also has this beautifully shot video on the subject, but the American voice over and the fiddly little graphics led me to make my own.

The Rosary is a key devotion for me: the cause of a major charismatic experience and a powerful weapon of prayer. I run workshops on making and using rosaries, and somewhere buried in the archives is my “Blue Peter” video on how to make a rosary. I must try and find it again.

Leaflet on How to Pray the Rosary

Download (DOC, 61KB)