Review of Creative Ideas for Sacramental Worship with Children by @babypigeon

Deb has posted another review of my new book, which I gratefully reproduce here:

‘Creative Ideas for Sacramental Worship with Children’ includes some interesting ideas and is a great antithesis to the view adopted by many ministers, that worship should be ‘middle of the road’. By doing this there is the danger of the worship becoming dull and uninspiring. In this book Father Simon embraces the sacramental aspects of worship, and makes suggestions for creating experiences which will leave all participants feeling enthused and inspired. Many a church service and school assembly could be written using the ideas contained within the book and, although it is primarily about worship with children, many of the ideas could be used equally well withadults. Not only does he include suggestions of what to do, he also explains how this might be achieved. He includes examples of liturgy and suggestions for appropriate music to enhance the worship. These things make this book a valuable resource for all worship leaders. There seems to be a popular belief that sacramental worship detracts from the message in the scriptures. Father Simon, however, emphasises the importance of the scriptures and how the ‘word’ and the ‘sacrament’ can enhance one another. It is encouraging to find a book that embraces modern technology – the twitter Lord’s Prayer, for example – and yet does not lose sight of the importance of sacramental mystery.

Deborah Vears BSc(hons) LTCL

I’m hoping that it might cause a little groundswell of interest which will take my mind off sorting a licensing date