Restoring a Standalone Prezi back into the Prezi Desktop

(please excuse the unashamedly geek nature of this post, but for the benefit of others, this might be useful)

If you don’t have a professional or educational licence, the free Prezi allocation quickly gets used up, especially if, like me, you are forced to embed videos instead of linking to them on Youtube. This is because most schools block Youtube and so you have to standalone.

I had exported some of my earlier Prezis but only as standalones, not as the .pez files and now I needed to get it back and re-edit it. Is all lost? Not quite.

The solution is complex, but it can be done.

  1. The .pez file you need to recreate is an uncompressed zip file with a different suffix, so to get it to import to the Prezi desktop you need to create this file with the right files in it and reimport it.
  2. Go to your standalone folder, inside it you will find (down a few levels) a folder called content/data. You need the everything in that folder (see image). Everything else in a standalone Prezi folder is the application needed to play this data.
  3. Copy these files into a new or folder called Prezi, for convenience, I put these on the desktop
  4. Screen CaptureYou then need to zip up the Prezi folder into a zip file but without compression I use 7-zip and the option was to “Store”. I thus created an “” file.
  5. Rename the .zip to .pez
  6. Go to the Desktop Prezi program and “Import file”
  7. Voila!