Rest Eternal…

I am hoping and praying that the technology works for the live audio broadcast of Elizabeth’s funeral this morning. It is running off a mobile dongle (as we haven’t a phone line) and is subject to all kinds of difficulties. Please visit for the info on the audio feed. It will go live after 10.45am GMT this morning. If that fails, I will be recording the service anyway (directly onto Sony Vegas) and making it available as a podcast very shortly afterwards on our podcast site:

The thing is, I don’t want this part to distract from the worship, the liturgy, the Requiem Mass and the celebration of Elizabeth’s life. If the technology gets in the way then it will not have been what it was intended for. Please pray for me, as I preside, and recognise that it does not come without cost. Pray for the soul of Elizabeth.

Rest Eternal, grant unto her, O Lord.  And let light perpetual shine upon her

May she rest in peace and rise in glory