Responding to the Archbishop


Just to remind you therefore, how we implement the Archbishop’s directive

Mass 8am
Sunday Morning Prayer 9am
Parish Mass 10am
Evening Prayer 4pm
Monday Morning Prayer 9am
Evening Prayer 5.30pm
Tuesday Morning Prayer
Evening Prayer
Wednesday Morning Prayer 9am
Evening Prayer 7pm
Mass 7.30pm
Thursday Morning Prayer 9am
Evening Prayer 5.30pm
Friday Morning Prayer 9.30am
Mass 10am
Evening Prayer 5pm
Saturday Morning Prayer 9.30am
Evening Prayer

Solemnities and Festivals are also celebrated midweek, along with a monthly Mass of the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham incorporating the ministry of healing and anointing on the 2nd Monday, Mother’s Union with Mass on the 1st Monday and Prayer Group on the 4th Monday. There is also discipleship and bible study / prayer groups each Monday at the Vicarage; and I still feel that we don’t pray enough…

Morning and Evening Prayer is usually a solitary struggle, so anyone committed to join me would be most welcome.