Requiem Mass: what parishLife is all about

Last night we celebrated a Requiem Mass for G, who died suddenly a fortnight ago.

With the coffin placed in the Nave, the people of the parish sat around her, and simply, confidently and with great dignity, the promises of the resurrection were proclaimed. As I preached extemporaneously I recalled G’s life, her idiosyncrasies which were so endearing, and the impact she had on the lives of her two sons gathered there, and the whole congregation with whom she had journeyed her whole life, the only response we could possibly make was in the sacrament.

I truely believe that the greatest thing we can do is to proclaim the Resurrection, and nowhere is this more apparant than in the Requiem Mass: where life and death are key players in the retelling of the story of salvation. On such a cold night, those truths kept me warm and kept reminding me why I love doing what He has called me to.