This video accompanies a lovely ritual on Remembrance Sunday where the congregation come forward and lay poppies on a cross at the front of church. It is really quite moving.

Remembrance is important to this community, being so associated with the military. At least 70% of the general congregation have a service background, or are related directly to someone who has served. You can’t run away from it, and neither should we. I know some parishes regard it as some kind of anacronism, but here it matters. We have a direct link with 33 Field Hospital, and whilst they are on deployment, a small representative body will be with us.

How annoyed/bothered/upset am I therefore to hear that on one of the only two Church Parades each year (Remembrance and Mothering Sunday), one of the parishes Brownie packs will be packing shopping at the local Range superstore rather than coming to the Remembrance Service. No wonder that the Guiding movement is losing members hand over fist as they clearly no longer stand for anything anymore.

If anyone is able to justify this behaviour, and especially justify it in this place and, let’s face it, at this time, then please come back to me.