Remembrance Day Meditation

During this meditation, the people are invited to come forward and place a poppy on a cross made out of oasis to pay their respects to those ho gave their lives, not only in the past, but in the present.

I feel sorry for that poor woman, goaded by the press into complaining about the Prime Minister’s handwritten letter and its ‘spelling mistakes’. Her grief has clouded the actual point that the Prime Minister writes personally to the family of everyone who gave their lives. I don’t imagine he has a lot of time in his day (or night) to do this, and the occasional mistake is human. He should be commended, not condemned for this. When I write a card, I often make mistakes. None of us are perfect and I bet lots of other letters she has received, written when tired have mistakes in. I am touched by the fact that he bothers. Well done him. Now, let the lady get on with her grieving and support the country, the services and our (difficult) mission in tough circumstances.