Release of 2011-12 Electronic Ordo: the Church Calendar and Mass Readings on your Smartphone

As you may know, each year I knock up an Ordo for my own personal use and make it available to others if they find it useful. With the preparations for moving in the new year, things have been a little behind schedule but I have now completed it.
The version for next year can be downloaded from
This is an iCalendar format file which can be imported into Google Calendar and then synchronised with your Smartphone etc. I am only supporting this format because I can only spare so much time on the project, and let’s face it, Google Calendar works with all our Smartphones and Tablets: you should have stopped using Microsoft Outlook years ago. It works in my Google Calendar.
It contains daily information on the cycle of prayer, Roman and Common Worship Mass readings and sometimes useful information about the day. It might be a little too Roman for you, or a little to Anglican for you, but I am sure you will find something in it that will be of use. Any errors or mistakes in it are my fault.
I hope you will find it useful. I make it free for your use and only ask that you pray for us as our family makes the move to Plymouth, our new parish and the Mission Community of the Holy Family which the Roborough Team Ministry will be a part of. Please let anyone who might find it useful of its existence and share the file or the link.