Real Life User Review: Google Nexus 7 Tablet

There are all these reviews out there which just seem to reproduce the technical specs of the hardware in question, but what you really want to know is “is it any good?” “is it usable?” and “will it live up to my expectations>”

I’ve been using a Nexus 7 Tablet since October now and this is the 16Gb model. The current model has 32Gb for the same price.

The Tablet is the growth product of this season: the technology has started to mature to the extent to which the screen and the interface are very usable. The battery life is very good and the widespread availability of WiFi makes then the key to the final mile (ie getting the Internet in the hands of users). It is amazing to see how quickly the tablet becomes the key method of interacting with the web, and as a general tool for supporting life and ministry. I use a smartphone intensively, but never like this. You use a PC to create many documents, but for being on the road, on the train, in a cafe… the tablet is the tool to use.

I use the Tablet to present the Liturgy: creating documents on the PC and saving them in Dropbox. The whole liturgy is then available to the Tablet. It is handy to preach from, but also excellent to celebrate with. I can put notes on it and refer to them in a bible study, I can record audio of a teaching session for later use or documentation.

In downtime I can watch the iPlayer or listen to the Radio or watch a movie I have encoded. Netflix worked well on it, but boo! No player for LoveFilm yet… There are games to waste a few moments and there are Twitter and Facebook clients to keep you connected. The GMail is always there and I am linked to my mobile phone via Bluetooth so I don’t even have to get the phone out of my bag any more to answer and read texts.

The 7″ form factor is just right – it fits in my hoodie pocket or in the inside of my overcoat, the wake/sleep feature conserves energy but means that you have to hold it in a certain way with one hand when you are preaching – but you get used to that.

In short, I love it. It is well made, fast, responsive and has excellent battery life. I cannot recommend this highly enough.