ProxySwitch – a simple utility to set a Proxy Server in (for example, in School)

I spend a lot of time moving my PC into and out of wireless networks which have special security: in a school would be the best example. This is so that the little darlings don’t access anything inappropriate and filters are applied, some sites blocked etc. Many companies do this also.

To connect your browser, you usually have to go manually into the Control Panel: Internet Options/Connections/Lan Settings and this is cumbersome. I would prefer the PC to know that if I am connected to this network, I should use these settings. Android does this, so why can’t PCs?Screenshot 2014-09-19 14.02.34Screenshot 2014-09-19 14.02.41

So, here is a small script which simply does it for you. It does expect you to configure the proxy server settings manually. Go to the Control Panel, select Internet Options then the Connections tab and the button marked LAN Settings.

It will look like this:

Screenshot 2014-09-19 13.57.41

Enter the proxy server and port as you are told.

If this is too scary, get the school or office tech to set it up for you, if it isn’t already.


Download the program here which has been zipped up. Double click the zip file to open it, and then extract (or drag and drop) the file onto your desktop.

It was written in a scripting program called AutoIT. I know some Virus Scanners will pop up and question this file therefore. I can assure you it is safe. I’m using it, because I wrote it to make my life a bit easier, and I’m sharing it with you because it might help you too. I ask for no money, but for something far more valuable: your prayers.

This is effectively FREE, all I ask is your prayers for my ministry (Fr.  Simon) and the ministry of the Roborough Team Ministry here in Plymouth: call it prayerware if you like!