Proud to be a Geek

A moment for a little introspection and self-examination: forgive me this indulgence.


Fr. North refers to be as “Father Geek”, and secretly, I suppose I quite enjoy it. During an episode of the excellent Bones I got into a conversation with Lou about why I was not ashamed to be a Geek, but would find “Nerd” to be unacceptable as a label.

I am ashamed to say that in trying to explain my perspective, I ended up resorting to drawing a diagram on my laptop to make my point.


Both labels have an association with technology, but one I associate with social awkwardness (and I don’t think that’s me or my ENTJ Meyers-Brigg profile. In short: Geeks are cool, Nerds are not. I consider myself a Geek, although not as cool as I’d like to be – interested in cool things, not just technology for its own sake. I have never played Dungeons and Dragons, but (conversely) am quite good at 1980’s Arcade Games as played on the MAME emulator (and the real thing in my childhood). I consider myself smart, but not a genius (although I have this annoying habit of saying “I’m such a genius…” in relation to anything I do – I hope with a little irony – I suspect my IQ is well below MENSA level), a bit of a theological numpty and filled with psychological inadequacies; but of such paradoxes are God’s creations made. No diagram can fully encapsulate humanity (or even a subset of it) and the more I try, the more I am reminded of the beauty, wonder and diversity of God’s creation.

Note: I know this isn’t a proper Venn Diagram, nor it is properly a Euler Diagram, but a sort of unsatisfactory (and incomplete) hibrid: further proof of my lack of genius. Sorry.