Prayer Request

Next week, on Weds my 14-year old daughter, Emma is undergoing surgery to remove a sizable Ovarian mass/cyst/tumour.

We don’t really know what the implications of it (and subsequent treatment) will be until they have examined it under the microscope, but it is likely that she will lose the ovary at the very least.

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So, my dear friends, if you are offering the holy sacrifice on Wednesday, could I ask you to add her as an Intention for that mass; and/or pray for her (and Lou and myself in our anxiety), her surgery at the hands of the St. Mary’s Portsmouth gynae team and all those who care for her.

It is strange, but in my ministry, I spend a lot of time praying for the sick, and for those who care for them. I offer Masses for Healing, spend a lot of time in the Ministry of Annointing, and I am always saying seriously to people that they are in my prayers. I see how people are affected, lifted, buoyed and yes, even healed by such a ministry.

And yet, until recently, I have only peripherally been the beneficiary of it. As this has unfolded, only now have I become aware of what it means to have people praying for us, to feel supported in prayer, and knowing that the Mass is being offered everywhere for Emma, and supporting us in this.

The producer has only latterly become the consumer, and I have to say, it is wonderful. Thank you for all your prayers so far, and please keep praying for Emma over the next week. It matters. It really does. And for once in my ministry, I can attest to the benefit we are all getting from prayer.

Just the Facts, Ma’am: Hospital: St Mary’s, Portsmouth /Surgeon: Mr Ian Golland. Surgery Date: Weds 7th Jan 2009. Please pray for Emma Rundell, aged 14.