Powerpoint slides of the Mass – Liturgy for Mission

Mass with young people on the coffee table was planned. Some quite unchurched. The Mass is a key missionary tool, not an occult (in its proper meaning) rite of the few, but an opportunity to retell the story of salvation and through mystery and wonder and encounter with God.

I wanted to engage this mix of churched and unchurched with a straight mass, but didn’t have access to mass cards, so I planned to put all the liturgy on screen, and not being able to use Easyworship at home, it had to be on (eugh!) Powerpoint.

A fruitless search on t’internet revealed no-one has done this before (or at least the one that was there was an ugly import direct from the missal with no formatting at all – yeuch!), so as usual, here is one I made.

Ironically, last night we didn’t actually do the Mass, we’re saving it now for next week as the pressure of coursework bore down upon the majority of Sunday’s people. Still, I hope you find this useful…


Please feel free to download it, change the format and the style as you wish.

Download from St Thomas Website

Preview at Slideshare

I am going to be publishing more mass-related materials over time, as I see it as my main contribution to the Fresh Expressions project as I am now a fully involved associate missioner. My role will be to teach, train, enthuse and annoy, hopefully in parishes, deaneries, dioceses and (most importantly) theological colleges and to impress on the sceptical, the spiky and the evangelical alike that the eucharist is the key tool of mission, the embodiment of Christ in our midst and the root of our proclamation of Christ

Yes, I have taken the King’s Shilling and been bought into the mainstream, but I promise I won’t behave or conform that much.