Pass the Word – Walsingham Youth Pilgrimage 2009


I am delighted that the theme of the 2009 Youth Pilgrimage will be on Scripture – an opportunity for us to explore the Liturgy of the Word in hand with the Liturgy of the Sacrament and get young people back into their bibles. I love Scripture, I take great store in it, but I believe it must be read carefully, contextually, with a brain in gear and a mind to the word of God which is behind the text, and which is more important than the actual words used. I hate bibliolatry more than anything else – the placing of a book (and especially this book) in a more exalted position than God himself. Revelation did not stop in 120AD with the end of the book of the Revelation to St John the Divine, but continues to this day, and most especially in his most holy sacraments.


We can use this Pilgrimage for great things with Scripture – lots of drama, creative readings and we must, simply must find space for this:


I have used (?overused) this video in recent discipleship work, but it moves me greatly, and although I know many have passed it off, we simply must do it with the Youth team ourselves. It’ll be so powerful…