Pancakes and Beetles…

…no, not one inside the other! A beetle drive with pancakes on the side.

pancakes-and-beetle-drive-2009The beetle drive is a classic english parlour game, requiring a dice and a bit of paper. Perfect for young and old to play and share: keep going until you complete the drawing. The one with the highest scores moves up a table, the one wih the lowest moves down and the two others stay put – everyone mixes and lots of fun is had. I seem to recall that last time we played it, we messed around with the beetle and you had to draw a church… but despite searching all through my hard disk, I can’t find it anywhere.

I know also that this happens actually in Lent, but Shrove Tuesday is problematic with the Hall, and I have frequently said that Lent isn’t about what you give up, but about what you take up – Lent should be about good works and not self denial, unless the denial brings you closer to God. In this case, I believe that this date is right and good for the people of God, and through fun and fellowship of the wider community we might be able to raise some money.