Nursery Rhyme Carols (a first draft)

I started working on these,  thinking they might work for the Christmas Eve children’s Services…

As usual with most early drafts,  some of the rhymes are a little dodgy,  but that’s what the community is for,  so let’s work on these together in a Creative Commons sort of way,  and adopt,  adapt &  improve. Post changes/rewrites/new ones in the comments below…

To ‘here we go round the Mulberry bush’

Jesus Christ is born today
born today,  hiphip hooray
God himself has come to play
To be with us as human

He comes to earth not with a crown
But in a manger laying down
Poor as us,  dirt all around
Born to come and save us

To ‘baa baa blacksheep

Shepherds watch their flocks by night
Are confronted by the sighr
Of the Angels singing sweet
About the Messiah come tonight
Good news has come to all on earth
Because of Jesus’ special birth

TO ‘Little Jack Horner

Herod the King would do anything
To cling onto his power
So when heard
The rumour absurd
That David’s true heir had come back

The King was enraged which went on for days
How could he hold onto his power
So he hatched a plan
To destroy this man
Before he could grow to be a rival

Round Bethlehem Town the soldiers went down
And gathered up all the small families
And what they did do
To all under Two
Was unspeakable but never be forgotten

But warned from his bed,  Joseph had fled
With Mary and Christ-child to safety
They were refugees
Sought Asylum you see
In Egypt where Herod couldn’t get them

So children don’t fear
Herod can’t now come near
At home you can rest safely
Jesus got away to wait for the day
When he could come out to save us.

to ‘hush little baby’

Don’t worry Joseph
It’s gonna be okay
Mary really is
In the family way
But the child
Is God’s own Son
You’ve got a special task
To love him as your own

Take your young bride
All the way to Bethlehem
It’s many days walk
Until you get there then
Not in a palace
Or in a cozy home
The baby will be born
Just the three of you alone

Deep down amidst the mud and the straw
By the animals, in the stable to be sure
God comes to earth
not in a golden crown