My Pride and Joy… for only a little while longer.

For the past few years I have kept in my shed a guilty secret. Other men go into their sheds to play with railway trains, or to build model aircraft or even whole boats, my fantasy world revolves around the making of good coffee.

eBay provided me with this wonderful vintage full size toy, which was sold by a Whole Food Shop in Canterbury and after a day trip with a parishioner, we brought it back in triumph. Serviced by a professional whose wedding I conducted, I used to go into my shed and turn on this beast of a machine and knock out a few quality espressos. No bean-to-cup, no crema-making Portafilter, just me and my barrista skills at filling, tamping and pulling. Occasionally, I get others to sample with me, and on a number of occasions during Parish events, I have been able to go into full swing, making Lattes and Cappuccinos for the ladies and gentlemen of the parish as they sat in our back garden for a parish Strawberry Tea or Barbecue. It would appear to be from the 1960’s, but if anyone else can identify the history of such a beast, then could they please let me know. I have included above the plate on the front. It must be old, it was still made in Italy… when was the last time that happened?

However, it can’t come with me. There simply isn’t space for it; or to be more accurate, there isn’t space for it with water and power, so effectively there is no room at the new vicarage and the new parish will have to forgo the pleasure of my coffee-making skills. Therefore, with some sadness, I have to put it on eBay to pass onto another coffee lover who wants the challenge of making real coffee with a real machine with a real (if unknown) history. The link to the auction is here. It ends on Friday 4th November 2011 at 3.20pm GMT


I wonder if my new Churchwardens read this blog, and whether they are already planning the installation fresh coffee after Mass at each of the four Churches in our team. Here’s a hint. I certainly hope so. There’s no excuse for rubbish coffee (or Tea – mine’s an Earl Grey with milk, if you’re making)  in Church: it is an abomination against both God and Society.