My kind of drug.

and no, this time it’s not Jesus…




do you know what my kind of drug is?












It’s caffeine. Oooo I love it. Short, dark and intense. Espresso is my morning wake-up and my evening wind-down. I adore the dark mystical stuff and get through about 7 or 8 espresso a day.

No decaff for me: it is the work of the devil, but caffeine in its purest form, in a small cup with a little glass of water and a biscotti. It is the closest to ambrosia. In fact, I am convinced when we join the heavenly banquet, there will be Gaggia dispensing the liquid love.

From my full-size ebay-bargain beast in the shed to the Isomac Giarda in the Narthex and my long-term addiction to the coffee shops of the world (Cafe Vergnano my current favourite), it’s a genuine love affair. It can only be an addiction when it gets out of hand, but as long as I get fresh, tasty, fairly-traded caffeine, I’m okay.

I’d love that molecule on a T-Shirt. Maybe I can get some iron-on…