My Desk – Chaos in Action

I have seen a number of photos of people’s desktops on the blogs recently, so here is my contribution

My Desk

What you see cannot surely be a surprise:

* Tea and Coffee Mugs (always in multiples – no espresso this time, must be late in the day)

* The Ikon of Our Lord and Our Lady which is always before me as I work. It’s the best kind of distraction I can find, and reminds me what I am here for.

* PC Screen with (unseen) the Flock Browser and Google Reader on it. Flock is a great browser based on Firefox with instant access to Facebook and YouTube. I love it that I can keep track of my friends throughout the day.

* Wires everywhere – why does even wireless stuff come with so many blessed wires?

* Microsoft Digital Media Pro Keyboard and Logitech Trackman Trackball. I love these Human Interfaces. Many people can’t cope with a trackball, but it saves deskspace and is more comfortable to use. The keyboard has lots of buttons for shortcuts and zooming and has been my favourite keyboard for  a number of years now.

* Notes scribbled on bits of paper – not everyone gives me stuff in electronic form

* DVDs and Memory Sticks – I have about a dozen of these floating around. They may be the new floppy disks but they can be much more easily lost.

* Paperwork: Funeral Plans, the last Quinquennual Inspection report, a brochure for Paschal Candles for 2008 and the new install disks for Hymnquest which chooses our hymns for us.

Yes, cluttered beyond functionality, and yes, a mirror on the chaos of my life and ministry which is quite cluttered, technologically complex and yet hopefully Christ-centred (no Bible? That’s because it’s in my hand, of course! 🙂  – oh and also on the bookshelf behind the detritus of my contact lense equipment). Life, prayer and ministry are all to be found on this desk, and yet there is still more room for more people and more of their busy and chaotic lives on it. As long as Our Lord and Our Lady remain in constant view, I think that it’s going to be alright.

What’s your desktop like?