Multisensory Stations

Up to my eyeballs in MP3 players, loading on the stations, laminate cards and piles of material for the actual stations themselves. I must be mad is the only conclusion I can draw. But it [and the Blesséd worship which is the night before promises to be highly stimulating and challenging.

This is on top of a full Holy Week as well: Procession of Palms, Matthew’s Passion, Chrism Mass, Mass of the Lord’s Supper, Stripping Altars, Watch of the Blesséd Sacrament, Stations for Children, Stations for Adults, Meditation, Liturgy of the Passion, Easter Vigil and collapse!

However, I’m not listing that lot looking for sympathy, but because I think that that is at least what everyone should engage with this week, and the two Blesséd events are just cream on top. I do these things because this is the most important week of my spiritual year: Mirfield taught me that and I will carry that task, that responsibility until the day I can no longer function as a priest in the Church of God.

I have remixed the Multisensory Stations so they sound a bit clearer. My skills in this area have improved incredibly and it all sounded a little muddy… it was recorded on some old and duff equipment on an old wax cylinder, so my how things have come on in less than 3 years! Transferring it all onto the MP3 players is simply dull and repetitive and a chance to pause and pray.

I have decided to release the whole lot of stuff on the Stations under a Creative Commons License: do with it as you will, and I will hope you take it and put it on. If you want to donate, then donate either to our Youth Work in Elson or the Building Appeal of the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham under whose wing this powerful set of stations are drawn.

To see the stuff:

Play, enjoy, delve deeper with these tracks and may they support your holy week in some way.