Mobile Phone Meditation

This excellent text is by James Cathcart from Sanctuary First

We are now going to use our mobile phones to help us pray.

  • ·        Go to your home screen.
    • What’s your screen background? Is it a picture of a loved one? A spouse or a child? A beautiful landscape? An attractive abstract picture? Maybe it’s just the colour blue. Take a moment to thank God for what is in the picture – or to thank God for what it reminds you of.
  • ·        Now, open your calendar app
    • – think about the appointments you have coming up, think of the people you will meet, your friends, family and colleagues. There are perhaps deadlines in there, projects to complete, events to prepare for. Take a moment to hand these things over to God for safekeeping.
  • ·        Now go to your contacts.
    • Scroll down to C and find the first name. If you don’t have anyone under C then scroll down to whoever next comes up. It might be someone you know very well, or someone you hardly know. Take a moment to pray for that person or organisation.
  • ·        Do you have a news app? Open it. If you don’t have an app for news you could look for news on your browser and go to wherever you normally read it
    • Look at the headlines, find one that strikes you.Take a moment to read the first paragraph of the story and then lift it in prayer to God.
  • ·        Now, go to your photo or gallery app.
    • Swipe through the images until one catches your eye.T hink about the person/place/object in the picture and take a moment to pray about it or them, or what it reminds you of.
  • ·        Check the time –
    • take a moment to think about how you use your time. How you prioritise it.
  • ·        Check your battery life
    • – is it low? Or is it full? Take moment to pray for those with low energy, people you know who are struggling with issues of physical or mental health.
  • ·        Does your phone have a torch function?
    • Put the torch on and shine the light. Pray for God’s light in dark places.
  • ·        Go on a social media stream if you have one
    • think of the first person you notice, pray for them and what they are facing today, wherever they are.

Heavenly, we offer you our prayers, humble and heartfelt, encourage us to use technology to bring people closer together and not to push them further apart. May this tool in our hand be part of our witness, our mission. May our voices and words be your Good News to all those whom we serve.

Encourage us to be more mindful in how we use it and lead us often to places of rest. Amen.